Kangerlussuaq is a new destination summer 2016! First flight scheduled June 3rd.


Kangerlussuaq is a new destination summer 2016! First flight scheduled June 3rd.

Stable weather, often no wind

Variety of excursions for all ages and levels

Kangerlussuaq and the 170 km fjord it rests on share the same name, meaning “big fjord”. The Arctic Circle crosses the fjord at its halfway point.

Kangerlussuaq offers easy access to the Greenland Ice Cap, via a 25 km dirt road.

The Greenland Ice Cap is a mecca for travelers who wish to see a true wonder of the world. It is hard to believe that only a few decades ago it was inaccessible to most people. Like a mysterious and looming beast, the Ice Cap sent cool winds rolling down from its highest peak into Kangerlussuaq.

Fortunately the Greenland Ice Cap is easier to reach now, though it remains a force to be reckoned with. Watch as the glacier edge calves into river rapids below, leaving a jagged face of ice in its place. Or challenge your threshold for cold and spend a few nights camping on the ice while the wind whips around your tent. The opportunities to explore are diverse, but one thing is universal – nothing conveys Earth’s power like the Greenland Ice Cap.

• A local tour operator offers a variety of excursions for all ages and levels, short and longer. They offer safari to see local animals, boat trip, variety of trips to and on the Ice cap, all levels of hikes, a visit to the US military museum and sightseeing flights over the Icecap.
• The biggest and best equipped airport in Greenland, a former US base from second Word War in 1941.
• Diverse wildlife – musk ox, reindeers, arctic foxes, falcons, eagles and ravens
• Stable weather, often no wind: Stable weather conditions, mild climate
• Kangerlussuaq has the easiest access to inland ice (ice cap) in Greenland, about 25 km distance from Kangerlussuaq, accessable by foot, car, bike or the icelandic horse.


Air Iceland flies twice a week, Mondays and Fridays, to Kangerlussuaq June, July and August.  

What to bring and wear
Whether you are visiting Greenland in the summer or in the winter it is advised to prepare your trip with the right gear and equipment. The weather changes quickly.

There are many things to consider before taking a trip to Greenland. ON THE WEBSITE GREENLAND.COM you will find practical information when travelling to Greenland.