Air Manas Air Company LLC

Today's "Air Manas" was formed on the basis of previously existingairline, which was engaged in the implementation of charter flights since 2006. During thoseyears the civil aviation sector, as well as our economy, have gone throughdifficult phase of ordeal related to the protracted process of transitioneconomy. After analyzing the situation, it became clear that “Air Manas” needs astrategic partner with experience and know-how in the aviation industry forfurther development.

The efforts of Kyrgyz Government to attract foreign investments had bornefruits: mutual visits of high level Governmental Delegations gave a seriousimpetus to bilateral trade relations between Turkey and Kyrgyzstan. Thus, atthe end of 2012 on the basis of pre-existing airline, a new Kyrgyz airline withthe same name of “Air Manas” was created, where 51% -owned by the Kyrgyz side,and 49% - by newly attracted strategic partner in face of the “Pegasus Airlines", the one of the leading air companies in Europe.

In December 2012,there was a radical renewal of Airline, a so kind of rebirth: after theattraction of strategic partner, the new team and new management were set up.The revival stage of Airline had begun: our Air Company developed a modernconcept and the strategy of its development. In the process of formation of therevived airline, "Air Manas" has set a goal: to adopt global bestpractices and experience in the aviation industry, with particular attention tothe perfection of safety systems, training and staff development.

Being at the revivalstage, when the Air Company is not known at the market, especially at theinternational one, targeting the sustainable development “Air Manas” shall toprovide good level of loadfactor for its regular flights. That is why it was decided to apply forthe marketing approach and start its flight under the brand name of “PegasusAsia”. After the successful start-up, later on, starting from September 2015“Air Manas” returned to its origin: it gave back the brand name borrowed forthe time being from its strategic partner and started to develop its originallegal name & brand name of “Air Manas”. Here it shall be noted that therewas only change in brand name, whereas the company’s structure, mission andvision, and plans remain the same, as well as a strategic partnership andcooperation between “Air Manas” and “Pegasus Airlines” that continue in a favorof both parties.

Today "AirManas" - is one of the dynamically developing airlines of the KyrgyzRepublic. We have proposed new business model widely practiced in a number offoreign countries - low-cost model airline, adapted to the market in our region- has become a kind of business card of our Air Company.

The base airport"Air Manas" is one of the main airports of the Kyrgyz Republic -International airport "Manas" in Bishkek. In its fleet, "AirManas" uses the aircraft of type "Boeing 737-400" and"737-800". At the base airport, "Air Manas" has also itsown certified aviation-technical base for the operational maintenance ofaircrafts. Due to the ongoing professional development program, experiencedcrew and technical staff will ensure maximum safety on board of the aircrafts;in an effort to meet the high standards and the needs of the passengers.

The main priority ofthe Airline "Air Manas" is its commitment to international standardsof quality and safety. In November 2014, our airline has become the firstwinner of the international certificate ISO 9001: 2008 of Quality ManagementSystems in the Kyrgyz Republic among local airlines, successfully passed thenecessary stages of certification. ISO 9001 Certification - a multi-levelprocess that will help our company to constantly improve the quality of work,improve internal production processes, thereby aiming for a common goal - tosatisfy our customers.

Within the conceptand development strategy, the airline "Air Manas" is guided by themotto 2 theses:

The first one- "We haven’tstart aviation in Kyrgyzstan, but we will change it". In thiscontext, we have supported the initiative of progressive circles of the civilaviation sector of our Republic, which have come together around a common goal- to improve aviation safety standards and ensure the country out of the EUblacklist. Therefore, the purchase by us the aircraft "Boeing 737-800NG»,the first in the history of civil aviation of the Kyrgyz Republic aircraft ofthe new generation, symbolizes the start of reaching the new level by thesector of civil aviation of our country.

The second one - "Flying is theright of everyone (every citizen)." By building a completely new business model, which is basedon higher productivity and lower costs, "Air Manas" provides peoplethe ability to fly at very affordable prices. Due to what is it achieved? Weuse modern and young fleet (new aircraft consume less fuel and less likely tobreak); there is no expenditure on the optional elements of luxury (most of uscan fly without the business class, without calorie food on board, alcoholicand soft drinks, etc.) etc. This is only an incomplete list of core resources,due to which "Air Manas" builds its business model in this way, usingthe best practices proven in the world.

Our regularpassengers have already realized that the earlier they plan their flight andflight reservation, the higher the probability that they will get tickets atthe most affordable rates. Plan in advance your air travel and you will see:flying - is really everyone's right!