2016 Icelandair  Group "Icelandair Holiday China Brand Promotion"

Marketing activities

With the purpose to reach our Airlines’ targets for developing fast and high-yield sales growth, our marketing staff will provide the Principal with following actions:

o   comprehensive, efficient and cost-effective marketing plan along with administration of marketing budget with strict compliance to Principal’s policy and evaluation of investment return

o   excellent and mutually beneficial business relationships with travel industry providers, hotels and tourism boards ensuring joint promotion campaign

o   organizing an efficient process of right market positions and active campaign aimed at better Principal’s brand and product awareness in China

o   in-depth market and product/service analysis including competitive environment on regular basis

o   support in development of Principal’s local web-site and its constant update support along with installment of Customer Relationship Management system with its efficient operation

o   selection of the most efficient advertising activities (image, outdoor, internet campaigns, radio/TV, etc.) and on request countrywide distribution of promotional materials (brochures, posters, timetables, etc) comprehensive advertising and promotion reports

o   full Principal’s presentation at local and International exhibitions and other related events

o   maintaining excellent relationships with localtrades, GDSs, IATA office and other travel related providers