Executive Summary

BEALL - the most successful Industry Representation Company in China commenced operation 2003.It originated as Airline General Sales Agents (GSA), under its parent company -China Express. In 2007, BEALL become an independent organization, focusing onthe representation business.

BEALL is providing the highest standard in GSA representation services, combining total brand integrity with a focus on growthoutcomes. With its solid experience, network, superb customer service andsystem support, BEALL has been well accepted by domestic airlines, agents, tour operators and its Principals. BEALL has been constantly supporting partner clients to achieve significant business development in mainland China. Today BEALL is Passenger & Cargo GSA representing 12 online and offline airlines. Numerous appreciations were showed by our partners: Continental Airlines, Icelandair, Brussels Airlines, SAA, Air TahitiNui, Budget Rental Car and others for excellent marketing and sales performancewhat can best be reflected in the rewards BEALL has received.

“Work with Passion & Serve with excellence" is BEALL’s maxim. As GSA, BEALL hasalways been proud and happy to help partners to enter and expand their share ofthe Chinese market, generate additional revenue and improve overall profitability. We are capable of reducing partners' operational costs without compromising quality. We have outstanding relations and smooth communicationswith authorities / travel agents/ airlines/ handling parties/ media / corporate and leisure travellers.

BEALL with itsprofessional team has a unique working culture committed to its customers. We believe improving quality and transforming efficiency are one and the same.Quite a number of our staff earned degrees with foreign universities and haveworking experience abroad what results in adopting ecological policies,investing in development, coming up with leadership standards and values training for employees especially in this fast changing business environment.

BEALL is looking forward to serving you. We are fully committed to your success in China. With your support and trust, we can foresee a win-win exciting partnership.